The Bridegroom Cometh

07.05.2015, Katri Laitila

Wednesday – May 6 2015



New Jerusalem

Dearly Beloveds,

We are gathered together to unite ourselves in Holy Matrimony…
(married: closely or intimately united;  joined; united)

Yes, Dear Hearts, I was as surprised as you to have these words fall into my sacred space yesterday, as I enjoyed my quiet time.  First, the above quotation … a bit later, the above heading.  And so it is.

For those of you who may be new to Hollow Earth Network (HEN)  –  the above NASA photograph was unexpectedly found when doing long-time photography into the deepest, most ”empty” area of space.  This may or may not be The New Jerusalem, but it is the closest we have for now. And I believe it is a good time to acquaint/re-acquaint ourselves with Ashtar’s detailed description of our beloved New Jerusalem, the Mothership of The Galactic Federation of Light – headquarters for our Beloved Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar.

Click Here.

This is so informative and not only does Ashtar give detailed descriptions of all twelve decks of The New Jerusalem,

he also quotes bible verse eye-witness descriptions of the actual appearance of The New Jerusalem.

And to take it one step further, Ashtar says… 

Many are wondering what will exactly happen when we actually make First Contact…” — and tells us what we will feel, hear and see…

As we have been told on numerous occasions, The New Jerusalem is ”parked” directly in front of Venus, the Evening Star, which is the brightest star, first to be seen, in our North American southwestern sky. —  However, this bright light that we see, is NOT the planet  Venus… we are seeing the brilliant lights of The New Jerusalem! And have you seen how much bigger this light has become?  Closer??  Let’s keep a close eye on it!   

Well folks… I had lots of notes of things that I was going to share… but, those can wait …
this didn’t ”just happen” that I was given the above quotes.

I think it will be wise for each of us to refresh, or get acquainted with this upcoming event. It may be closer than we think!

We may get acquainted with Lord Ashtar, The New Jerusalem, and First Contact by

And with that, I will say good-bye for now.

Let’s remember to continue our chosen

Ascension Tools … it’s up to us, now. Ascension is ”an inside job.”  The only thing that really counts is our Inner Work.  And isn’t it really perfect lately for just that?  So quiet – so still.  So ”in the NOW.”  I can hardly tell which day it is!

Loving each of you… always,


Anne (Mom)


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