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Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations

WATCH: Video Shows What Mercury Does to a Brain Neuron in Just 20 Minutes

By @avatara_ananda There is something that I feel I have to share regardless of how uncomfortable I feel about sharing it. Humans have been hybridized with reptilian annunaki DNA, many of us knows this. So when the moment of resurrection of Christ comes into being, there is likely to be a trigger event to bring up reptilian genetics from within the DNA. This is likely to happen through immense betrayal or some hideous behaviors of the other that operates on reptilian consciousness. What is triggered is of disconnected from purity of innocence consciousness that includes war coding, revenge, desire to destroy the opponent in various ways that can be very creative and feel rather exciting because that consciousness is sadistic, it is obsessed with power and enjoys ideas of punishment. This consciousness needs to feel special and significant because at the core of it, it is mortal and unnatural. Only something unnatural is special, all else is just god, simply god and a part of all that is god. This is the fractured masculine consciousness in our genetics held in the feminine pain body. It is deep in the cellular memories and is what makes humans mortal. So when we are ready to birth Christ consciousness … we may be taken into some really disturbing DNA coding so that we can rehabilitate it and resurrect it into living light of god. Far from everyone on the ascension timeline is going through this embodiment and biological ascension but those who are … just don’t be surprised if reptilian rage is triggered and you know what you are actually experiencing … then you can recognize that consciousness in pretty much all humans who are mortal. Think about it … most humans hold grudges, desire justice through some sort of punishment, get angry or enraged etc. That’s all reptilian. If you did not have any of that DNA, you would not age the way you do, would probably not need food and would glow with pure radiance that we have not witnessed on this earth for many generations. Original human DNA is built to sustain life, what we have been experiencing is unnatural deterioration due to an infected coding injected into our DNA. On that note…you came here to do this

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The Fall of the Archons…

These dark forces with a very dark agenda took control of Earth and took humanity hostage.They created a virtual reality control system in which humanity could not escape which is the current system we’re in as of now.

On the physical plane, control and enslavement is maintained thru the Orion Babylonian financial system, based on debt enslavement and mass programming through the media. They keep us in a closed loop system, a low vibrational state of consciousness. A frequency controlled prison!

This Matrix is controlled by beings referred to as Archons who refuse to connect back to Source. These beings lack empathy for humanity, Earth and everything else for that matter. They are the top tier of the pyramid incarnated in human vessels.

The Trinity of the global stranglehold on this planet is the Vatican which is the hub of worship of these psychopathic Archons, London which funnels money to keep their control of Earth continuing and Washington DC has been nothing but the Military arm of these psychos destructive agenda.

Right now, in our current reality we are watching the fall of these Archons. Hence, the extreme chaotic conditions on our planet as of now, it is literally a fight between the Light and the Dark! It all connects back to a very sinister Archonic element. Again, in the end, this will all be apparent to everyone that everything connects off world.

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