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4MIN News March 16, 2013: Solar Storm Arriving Soon

16.03.2013, Katri Laitila


Mukavaa UFO-viikkoa kaikille :)

15.03.2013, Katri Laitila

On March 15, World Contact Day will once bring worldwide attention to try and make contact with ET life. This year is an even bigger event because it’s the 60 year anniversary! And for that 60 year celebration, it’s going to be an entire week of contact. Ending with the biggest contact attempt on March …


BREAKING! Meteor Explodes Over Cape Town South Africa (13th March 2013)

13.03.2013, Katri Laitila

Näitä on nyt enemmän kuin kerrotaan..


comet Pan-STARRS as seen from Queenstown, New Zealand 10.3.2013

10.03.2013, Katri Laitila

This photo, taken in early March, shows comet Pan-STARRS as seen from Queenstown, New Zealand


The calm before the solar storm? NASA warns ‘something unexpected is happening on the Sun’

10.03.2013, Katri Laitila Samaa asiaa tuli myöhemmin Yle:llekin…