19.09.2015, Katri Laitila

Ai että, miten kutkuttavan mielenkiintoisia asioita! Näitä paljastuksia lisää, nam 😀


Discover Cosmic Disclosure

Join insider Corey Goode as he reveals to interviewer David Wilcock the extraordinary details of his
20-year involvement in the Secret Space Program, in this ongoing weekly series.

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Subtitles available in English, Português, 中文, and Español.

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episode 1
The Message for Humankind

There is more going on in space than you can ever imagine. Out of sight, out of mind. That is how the greatest secrets in the history of humankind have remained hidden from the populace. Now, a 20-year insider, Corey Goode, joins David Wilcock in this inaugural presentation of Cosmic Disclosure to reveal humanity’s celestial presence and the details of an extraterrestrial message which conveys details of the coming collective ascension for humankind.

episode 2
First Encounter

Extraordinary changes are already underway for planet and people, and an alliance of advanced civilizations have come to serve as guides for our collective transformation. To help facilitate the coming changes these beings have named a spokesperson to reveal who they are and why they have come. Corey Goode recounts when he was established as the delegate for the Sphere Being Alliance, and his first encounter with the Blue Avians who explained the nature of consciousness, life after death, and the shifting conditions for life on Earth.

episode 5
We Are One

Despite the idealized existence promised by advanced technology, life in an advanced civilization would be shallow without the benefit of heightened consciousness. Cory Goode relays the spiritual message from the Blue Avians which details the spiritual advancements that we are to make and how we can achieve them.

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